It all starts with a belief. You know you have it. It’s in there, right inside you, even if you need to spend some time looking for it. Once you have found it, it is real. We know you can do this because we believe in the power of action, of mindset, of your will, and of your indomitable spirit. Equipped with your distinct and formidable mindset, you can do whatever you set your mind to doing. You can go further onward toward all of your unique ambitions.Persistent, passionate, brave, bold, and optimistic, you can do this. It's all about progress and believing in yourself, truly.

Owner, Footless Bird
DJ Kim



More than 80 years ago, it was called Unilam, 운일암, because you can only see the sky, stones, trees, and clouds on a sheer cliff. It was also called Banilam, 반일암 because the valley is also deep and you can see the sunlight only for half a day. You will see a valley full of granite rocks emerge as you go walkthrough. It is truly a paradise for egg-shaped highballs.

Footless Bird, 발 없는 새, is a name of boulder problem located alongside the Unilam Banilam stream in Jinan, South Korea, also close to where I was born.